What is ONYX?

ONYX is an organization that centers on the needs and desires of gay and bisexual Men of Color while welcoming everyone. We are a safe space to EDUCATE yourself about the Leather Lifestyle and Leather/Kink/Fetish Play. We provide a welcoming place to EXPLORE your Kinks and Fetishes in an affirming judgment-free environment, which EMPOWERS all people, ESPECIALLY Men of Color to live their lives more freely, safely, and happily as Leathermen and Kinksters.

How does ONYX define “Men of Color?”

ONYX defines “Men of Color” as anyone who is Black, Hispanic, Asian Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern, Native American, or any mix with those minority groups. In short, if you identify as a racial minority, you will likely fall into this category.  We are also inclusive of Transmen of Color in our organization.

I don’t identify as a gay or bisexual Man of Color. Can I still join ONYX?

Yes!  ONYX is an inclusive organization that supports all forms of diversity, including members that do not identify as gay, bi, or Transgendered Men of Color. This group includes Women of Color, Transwomen, Caucasians, and Heterosexuals.  All are welcome to join the organization as “associate members.” As an associate member, you will be a part of the organization, however, you will be unable to vote on the business of the organization.

Isn’t ONYX’s membership policy discriminatory against non-Men of Color?

No!  ONYX sets as its goal to provide an informational and social organization to address issues specific to People of Color who chose to project the positive aspects of the leather lifestyle. To do this, we must do so in a forum where we can express our thoughts openly and freely. As allies, it is important to recognize the need for gay/bi Leather Men of Color to have an organization that serves their interests and needs. By doing so, we provide a unique contribution to the diverse array of Leather BDSM, Kink, and Fetish groups.

I’m interested in joining ONYX. How do I determine which chapter to apply to?

See this site’s ONYX Chapters tab.  Once there, click on the skyline that includes your state.  You will then be redirected to that Chapter’s website.  Click on the membership tab for more information on their preliminary requirements, etc.

What is the ONYX National Council (ONC)?

The ONC consists of four Executive Board Members (Dominion ONYX – Chair, Sir Volt ONYX – Vice-Chair, Legionnaire ONYX – Secretary, and Daddy Rod ONYX – Treasurer), and an elected representative from all nine chapters called Councilors.  The ONC is formed to articulate and execute the strategic vision for the National Organization.

What is the purpose of the ONC?

The ONC provides value-added oversight that enables the entire ONYX organization and its chapters to make consistent progress toward our mission. This includes such areas as:


  • Guardianship of the ONYX Vision, Mission, and the ONYX Code;
  • Focus on strategic planning, initiatives, and policy rather than tactical operations of chapters;
  • Providing ONYX chapters with guidance and recommendations on best practices;
  • Enhancement of the organization’s public standing through public relations & communications.
  • This includes management of trademarks, copyrights, patents, intellectual property and branding;
  • Responsible for guiding and approving new chapter formation/ratification. Oversight of chapter dissolution;
  • Collect chapter information regarding rolls, financial status, initiatives, and accomplishments to produce an ONYX Annual Report for use by all chapters; and
  • Maintenance of external partnerships and sponsorships that further our mission and support our standing as a valued contributor to the LGBTQIA+ community.

Is there a balance of control between the ONC and the Chapters?

Yes!  The ONC exists for the benefit of all members of the ONYX family but does not supersede the role of the chapters.

Feel free to send us a message from our Contact Us tab if you have questions that have not been addressed in our FAQs.